From: Lori Smith
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 19:01:55 EST
Subject: silver kitty

Hi Lynda!

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how much we love our new kitten. We call him Misha, and he is definitely a part of the family already.

His favorite perch is sitting in front of the computer screen while I type chasing the cursor (which he's doing right now.) It definitely took a day or two for him to calm down and get used to us, but he's now established himself as the King of the house. You were so right about him having a wonderful personality.

I have had a terrible head cold for a few days, but I still haven't noticed any itchy or burning eyes so I feel pretty wonderful about that! I also had a friend with cat allergies stop by to visit today and he had no reaction at all.

It's just great to have a cat in the house again - thank you so much for helping to make it happen!

Very sincerely,
Lori Smith

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