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Questions for the Siberian Kitten Breeder

1. What is a Kravchenko Siberian?

Kravchenko Siberians originate from Russia. Those imported cats then begin to breed and
raise wonderful lovable kittens at our Pet Nursery.
At no such time do we refer to our nursery as a "cattery".

2. What is the difference between a Kravchenko Siberian and another Siberian?

Kravchenko Siberians has been the only direct American importer of Siberian cats in the U.S. which handpicked, and hand carried every one of our purebreds from inside Russia. Recently we have imported two male Siberians from the Czech Republic.

3. Are they registered?

All Imported Kravchenko Siberians arrive with a Russian pedigree called a Rodoslovnaya. The word Rodoslovnaya means, "point of origin" and this is the word that appears at the top of every one of our pedigrees. After the cats arrive their Rodoslovnaya is sent to CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) where their pedigree is recorded and the appropriate paperwork is issued by CFA. The cats are sometimes registered in ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association) and TICA (The International Cat Association) This gives our imports registration in the three major associations in the US and starts our lineage here in America.

4. What are their physical characteristics?

Kravchenko Siberians are healthy, agile, strong and powerfully built. They are densely muscled. All their physical characteristics fall under the guidelines of medium. Although, their general over all appearance is powerful and thick rather than dainty, they are not the largest domestic cat here in America. Siberians are well proportioned. Ears are medium in size, legs are medium in length though thick. The body and tail are proportionate to one another. This is a well balance cat that has heft.

5. What are their personalities like?

Kravchenko Siberian kittens are extremely intelligent, playful and affectionate. They are easily trained, travel well, and have dog-like loyalty.

6. What is their fur like?

Kravchenko Siberians are wrapped in plush, low-matting, hypo-allergic fur. Most Siberians shed twice a year very quickly, like a molting period.
They shed in the spring and they shed in the fall.

7. How big do they get?

The females average 8-12 pounds. The males average between 12-16 pounds. My largest neutered male weighs 18 pounds.
Full maturity takes 4-5 years. Most of the size is reached in the first year and a half. The muscles continue to develop and strengthen
and they will add weight years 2 through 5. They are densely muscled so they are heavy whatever their size.

8. How is it that the Siberian is non-allergic?

That information can be found on the Hypo-Allergenic Page.

9. What would I expect to spend for a Kravchenko Siberian

Most of my kittens sold (already spayed and neutered before leaving) are companion animals/pets and are priced at $2000.
Please visit the Kitten Availability Page

10. How do I buy a Siberian when I live so far away from you?

You are welcome to fly here and get your kitty. You can fly to MCO, rent a car and drive to my location. If you don't want to rent a car then you will need to fly into DAB on Delta and I will meet you at the airport.

11. Why should I buy from you rather than another Siberian Breeder?

(1) Because I am not a hobby breeder. Webster defines a hobby as "An activity or interest pursued outside one's regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure." I am NOT a hobby breeder, though I take great pleasure in breeding Siberians. I am a professional breeder. Most *hobby* breeders neglect to mention that they spend over 40 hours away from home working. Don't be fooled into believing the rosy picture that they are attempting to paint!

(2) Kravchenko boasts of over 30 diverse bloodlines. This assures you that your cat is genetically sound. I also offer a health guarantee for the first year of your kitty's life against congenital defects. I do not do inbreeding, or in line breeding, and I really frown upon those breeders that use this as their basis for their foundation stock. When you are thinking of buying ask that breeder about line breeding. Phrases like "to set the type" and "cookie cutter look" are not as important to me as gene diversity. I can achieve the standard of the Siberian and I can get the type without sacrificing the gene pool.

12. I heard that males are friendlier than females

In my opinion, there is no difference in personalities when comparing males to females. As a general rule, the only difference from male to female is the size.

13. I read on another web site that Females carry less dander is that true?

I completely disagree. There has been testing done and documented that the dander load is not specific to the sex of the cat. The results of those studies denoted that Siberians do not carry the exact same dander load. It is different from one Siberian to another. However most Siberians fall within a certain range and that range is decidedly lower than most domestic cats. What that means is that cat lovers, that have been denied the opportunity to be cat owners, may just be a candidate for Siberian ownership and live happily with a Siberian Cat.

14. I read on another web site that lighter colors were better with persons with allergies.

That statement and others like number 12 are part of the misinformation highway. Please visit the testimonial page and click on numbers 2, 6 and 12. Ernie's first two Siberians Males were dark blue and blue tabby. Jerri's Male Siberian is Black thus debunking Myth number 13.

15. How can I meet other Siberian pet owners that have allergies?

Please join our friendly chat group Click Here to Join knowledgeable breeders and pet owners, that have allergies to *regular* cats, make up the membership. Collectively there is a wealth of information to be had just for the asking. How cool is that?

16. I bought a Siberian from another breeder and I am dissatisfied. What can I do?

I cannot help much except to direct you to a List for Bad Catteries

Kravchenko Siberians

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