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This page changes August 1st, 2024

Kittens are sold on a first come, first serve basis

Kitten Price $2000 Includes
Age-appropriate vaccinations
Florida State Health Certificate
2-year genetic health guarantee
Spay or Neuter
Registration papers from CFA

We Have Kittens!

Coming Attractions

Date of Birth

May 25, 2024

Release Date August 31st

One Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby Male

One Silver Classic Tabby Male

One Silver Classic Tabby Male

Pictures available on August 1st 2024

When applying for a kitten;
Emails are Preferred and answered FIRST!


1. Q: Is there a wait list?
Answer: NO

2. Q: Are you going to have another litter?
Answer: Yes! Kravchenko has been breeding high quality Siberian kittens for 29 years now and is expected to continue servicing the public with fantastic Siberian kittens, at least for a few more years!

3. Q: Do you know when your next litter will be?
Answer: Yes, of course. Accurate breeding and birthing records are kept here at Kravchenko!

4. Q: When can we expect to know when the kittens are available?
Answer: When kittens are around the age of 8 weeks, give or take, there will be a listing of the most pertinent info including the DOB, Male or Female and color/pattern. The listing will be presented on the first day of each month when there are kittens available.

5. Q: What if it is the beginning of the month and there are no kittens listed?
Answer: That means that there are no kittens that have reached the approximate age of 8 weeks. Newborn kittens younger than that, will not be featured.

6. Q: What happens if I am looking at your page at the beginning of the month and the info is stale?
Answer: hit your refresh button.

7. Q: Do you require a deposit?
Answer: Once a kitten has been chosen, a legally binding contact will be issued. A large part of the contract will include the Florida Statute pertaining to the Pet Lemon Law. This is to ensure that you, the pet owner, know your rights under Florida law. Once executed (signed) by you, and returned to Kravchenko a $300 deposit is required to hold that kitten.

8. May I come and choose my kitten in person?
Answer: No personal visits will be allowed. Potential buyers will need to choose from pictures or videos. Thank you for your understanding!

9. I have allergies! May I come a test at the Kravchenko Pet Nursery?
Answer: Allergy testing is not available. I have an allergy questionnaire, a tool that I have used since 1996, which I use to get a base line on a person's allergies with regard to happily living with a Siberian Cat. Please feel free to email me asking for the allergy questionnaire.

Guidelines for emailing and texting
This needs to be said since many people seem to have forgotten their manners.

1. Be polite! I have a name. It is Lynda Nelson. Please use a form of it in your greeting.
Dear Lynda, Dear MS. Nelson, and for those reared in the south, Hello Miss Lynda

2. In the body of your letter/text, tell me a little about yourself and your family.

3. Explain why you want a Siberian kitten from me.

4. Ask questions that aren't answered above.

5. Sign off; Sincerely, Yours truly, Warmly, Best regards, etc.

6. Sign your name

Follow us on FACEBOOK as I usually
have the photo albums there first.

Email: Email me
Call or Text: (386) 761-8737

Kravchenko Siberians
Lynda Nelson
4393 S. Ridgewood Avenue
Suite One
Port Orange, FL 32127


Siberian Cats in a Rainbow of Colors
Siberians in a Rainbow of Colors

I do not ship cats or kittens! You can thank the Animal Rights groups ASPCA, H$U$ Humane Society of the United States, and PETA for interfering with our business, to further their agenda!
That is where your $19 a month goes to "help" animals! They spent your donation $$$ to get a rules change in APHIS where the seller, the buyer an the animal must be in the same geographical area at the same time!

Attention residents of GA AND NC! Tired of the high prices for Siberian kittens in your area? Did you know that you can get a direct flight to Daytona Beach (DAB) and pick-up your kitten from Kravchenko? Delta out of Atlanta (ATL) GA, and American airlines out of Charlotte (CLT) North Carolina, to DAB are all DIRECT FLIGHTS. I can meet you at the airport...... no muss no fuss. If you decide to do this please remember to make a reservation for your kitten to fly with you on your return flight. Due to a new ruling by APHIS, Kravchenko will not longer engage in shipping our kittens as cargo.


Pet: A companion animal, best friend, side kick, pal, buddy, family member, Chum, COMRADE.

Breeder: A member of your selective breeding program, can be all of the above too!

Show: Representative of the current written breed standard. Should final in the rings and ultimately win the rosettes. Should be able to attain Champion or Grand Champion status.

She's a Winner
She's A Winner!

Lynda Nelson
Kravchenko Siberians

phone: (386) 761-8737
Email meLyndaNelson@Siberiancats.com

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