From: Mark Davis
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 01:45:57 EDT
Subject: No Subject
Hi Lynda,

Cosmo for Cosmonaut, is doing very well. He and our dog are slowly establishing a positive relationship. Abbie, our American Eskimo, at 18 pounds just isn't sure what to do with this cat. Especially since her first year was spend with my 19 year old cat that past away last May and was not very amiable to the dog. Abbie will be 3 in a few weeks.

As for Cosmo, he is most at home and given kudos' by everyone that stops by to see him. He has taken over the house and has boundless energy during his waking hours. He has been a wonderful distraction for me as I heal slowly from my back fusion.

Take care and thanks again - Mark

ps; Needless to say he is eating, drinking and using the litter box all at a normal rate. And with feet his size he looks like he is going to be a Bigggggg Boy, all the better.

From: Julie Davis
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 17:12:02 EDT

I wanted to let you know how "Cosmo" was doing. He is growing very fast and of course is into everything, He is so cute and personable that he is hard to get mad at. Everyone that meets him loves him, and of course he loves them. He is always the center of attention!

He is getting along very well with our dog Abbie, and they seem to have developed a friendship, of course that is on Cosmos' terms. He loves to go up to Abby and bat her on the nose and run. He is definitely not shy. I've got pictures of them sleeping together.

Thanks for helping us pick out such a wonderful cat. He is perfect!

In fact Mark and I are considering getting another kitten. Will you have any kittens available this summer that would look similar to the kitten looking into the water on your web site, It is buff and white I think. We will be in Florida in July and again during the end of September for education conventions and could even bring back a kitten depending on any availability.

Again, thanks for your help and patience with all of our questions. Our cat is a sheer delight.

Best regard,
Julie Davis
Columbus, Ohio

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