Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 19:22:28 -0500
From: Cathy Burney
Subject: Semeramis

Hi Lynda!

Sammy and I made it back to Tampa just fine. She is absolutely lovely and very inquisitive! I am sorry to report that I am a bit allergic to her, not as severe a reaction that I usually have, but a reaction none the less. I am hopeful that my antibodies will kick in soon. I forgot to ask you some questions. Is the breed recognized as a pedigree in cat circles? How large is she expected to get? No rush on getting back to me. It was a pleasure to have met you.

Cathy and Sammy!
Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 20:48:43 -0500
From: Cathy Burney
Subject: "Semeramis"

Hi Lynda,

I have some great news, every week that goes by I am less allergic to "Seme". I only have a very slight reaction and hopefully that will soon diminish as well. I love Seme to pieces! She is sooooo fast, sometimes she looks just like a flash speeding by! She is very affectionate and sleeps on the pillow on top of my head. She weighs over 5 lbs and grows every day. I am thrilled and everyone is astonished by her beauty!

Please let me know about how big she will get. Hope all is well with you and all your kitties!


Kravchenko Siberians

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