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Now celebrating our 30th Anniversary
Established 1994

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Kravchenko Siberian Cat. Centuries ago these magnificent Siberian cats made their homes in Russian monasteries, where they would walk along the high beams as lookouts for intruders. Their agility, speed, and large size made the Siberian Cats worthy opponents in the monasteries' shadowy interiors. But the monks who cared for these Siberian Cats regarded them as loyal and loving companions. True to their heritage, the modern Kravchenko Siberian Cats are still renowned for their sense of loyalty and their almost human displays of affection. People often say that the Kravchenko Siberian cats have personalities more like dogs than cats.

Meet Breeder Lynda Nelson
Lynda and Panda

Panda Takes first

Lynda and Edson

Lynda and Crasnee

Lynda with kitty

Lynda with Nyezhnee

Blowing out candles
December 1993 Began searching for Siberians in Russia

May 1994 The First Four Kravchenko Kittens are Hand-Carried from Russia to the USA

December 1995 Lynda is the first to discover the hypoallergenic qualities of the Siberian

March 1996 Lynda Is Featured On The front page of the Sunday Edition Of The Orlando Sentinel

April 1996 Founded the Prestige Siberian Association Breed Club

April 1997 Lynda Is Featured On The HGTV Syndicated Show "In The Company Of Animals"

See the show HERE

April 1997 Lynda Is Featured on the 6 o'clock news WESH Schaeffer's Spotlight

February 1999 Lynda Moves The Siberians into Championship In American Cat Fanciers Association

December 1999 Lynda Sends the First Three Siberian Kittens to Japan's First Breed Program Almaz Siberians

February 2000 Lynda Travels To Houston With 6 Siberian Cats in tow to get the Siberians Recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association BOD

February 2006 joins in the presentation for advancement of the Siberian Cat to Championship status in Cat Fanciers Association

March 2016 Lynda Adds 3 females and one male from Moscow and the Ukraine to her breed program

August 2019 Lynda Imports a blue-eyed white male from the Czech Republic

December 2022 Lynda Imports a blue lynx point male from the Czech Republic

Present Day: 30 years later I will continue to breed the best, representatives of the Siberian breed and to produce the finest, healthiest Siberians in the USA.
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Hypoallergenic Fur
Extremely Intelligent
Dog Like Loyalty
Densely Muscled
Healthy, Agile, Strong
Established Bloodlines
Lavished with Love
Kravchenko Siberians
Lynda Nelson
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